Our 'Why'

In early 2016 my dad died after a 5 year battle with Stage IV lung cancer, a few months later I got pregnant and it ends in a miscarriage. I thankfully got pregnant again and a week before hearing my daughter’s heartbeat, my mom died tragically. 

I was so lost and disoriented that I didn’t know which was was up until my daughter arrived.  She became my guiding light while I simultaneously lost touch with who I was.



For 4 years I felt like I was drowning as I searched for that “thing” that would bring me back to life.  Back to being happy.

And then I got invited to join a team of young women attempting to set a world record rowing a boat from San Francisco to Honolulu.

I didn’t even know people did this but somehow I knew I needed to be on that boat. 

After 3.5 weeks on the pacific ocean with only a week left before hitting land in Hawaii, I broke down. 

I was scared of going back to a life of responsibilities, work and a marriage that was a complete mess.  I knew I couldn’t go back to my life and keep living it the same way. 

After 34 days, 14 hours, and 20 minutes at sea, my feet touched solid ground, my 5 year old daughter flung herself into my arms and immediately I knew what this life is for: 

Embracing and Sharing It! 

And now I’m committed to creating radical experiences that allow others to do the same – without having to row across an ocean!  

Over the past 15 months, I’ve immersed myself in practices that have healed me and changed me – and they have always included movement and music.  Sunsender is inspired by the joy I felt on the Pacific Ocean with my friends, by the worldwide movement that is DayBreaker and knowing that energetic and fun experiences together, not things, cause the biggest shifts in us.    

Welcome to a new way of partying, of being set free and radical living.  Let’s Send It Together!  



ADRIENNE SMITH -Dreamer & Creator

After a brief corporate career in Marketing Research, Adrienne said hello to a career of entrepreneurship. With over 16 years of experience leading a business, racing as a professional triathlete, being a mom, and breaking a world record rowing across the Pacific Ocean, Adrienne makes the impossible possible. She’s owned and operated her Santa Barbara-based yoga studio for 12 years and is on a mission to change the conversation about true wellness while infusing play & vibrancy back into people’s lives.

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